Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Are you aware that we have 10 days till Halloween?! October has flown by super fast! And I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in Target... Oh why can't we start Christmas season after Thanksgiving?

Anyways, if you're like me and you've procrastinated getting a Halloween costume together, have no fear! Here is a list of super easy last minute Halloween costumes that look like you've spent all month on them! 

1. PiƱata

Looking for a bright and fun way to pass out candy this year? This adorable costume by Camille Styles only requires 4 materials and is completely no sew! You can totally pull off this costume in one afternoon!

2. Gum Ball Machine

Another costume that only takes one afternoon to make! Marie McGrath from The Joy of Fashion created this bright and preppy costume! This costume's supplies (aside from the dress) can all be bought at the Dollar Tree! Candy never looked so sweet! Finish this costume off with a bright red lipstick!

3. Scarecrow 

Another super easy costume from The Joy of Fashion. This one only requires you to be a little handy with make up and be able to open your closet doors. Throw on your favorite jeans and a plaid shirt. Pick up some flowers from the Dollar Tree and throw on a hat, and viola! Too easy but sooo cute!

3. Pineapple 

Okay, I've never wanted to be a fruit so badly before. Kelly's Pineapple costume from StudioDIY is so preppy and cute! The only real effort you have to put into this costume is the head piece! This is an amazingly cute costume that comes with little to no effort. 

We hope you enjoy this article and become inspired for Halloween! Send us your Halloween Costumes ideas here or post a picture of what you're going to be for Halloween!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall DIY Flower Vase

 Fall is here officially! It's now September and it's time to start switching up your home decor for the fall and winter months. Just because summer is gone, doesn't mean you can't have bright decorations around the home. This super easy flower vase takes only an hour or two to make but is completely personalizable! To learn how to make this fun project, keep reading below!

1 Glass Bottle
Colored Paint (At least 2!)
1 Paint Brush
1 Roll of Painter's Tape
And as many flowers as you want!

First, start off with a bottle of your choosing.  Don't feel like you need a wine bottle. Soda bottles and beer bottles can work just as fine! 

Next, fill your sink up with hot soapy water. Make sure you add some baking soda to the water to loosen up the sticker labels on your bottle. If you don't have any stickers on your bottle or can peel them off easily, you can skip this step!

Now place your bottle in the water for about 10-15 minutes. The longer you let it soak, the easier the labels will peel off.

I added a little more baking soda on stubborn areas. 

Voila! A nice and clean bottle! Now you're ready to start the fun part of this DIY!

I'm using acrylic paint for this craft. I'm sure you can use tons of other paints to do this as well. I wouldn't recommend using oil paint with this project. 

You only need two squirts of paint to cover almost all of the bottle. I'm going to paint my bottle orange for the seasons, but you can paint it whatever colors you desire! 

Mix those paints together! This is more of a red orange, so I'm going to add some more paint.

Added a small squirt of white paint to the bowl and now I have the orange I want.

Alright! Here we go! I'm using a large paint brush for this project. Make sure you have some news papers or paper towels under your bottle. This can get a little messy.

Start with painting the bottom of your bottle. You're going to need to do two coats of paint. So don't worry if there's a few spots that aren't picking up paint that well.

After the second coat! Now wait for it to dry. It'll take a while so make yourself a snack and watch a movie. We'll be taping our bottle up next.

Next, I used painter's blue tape to tape around the bottle. I added some white to the spots where I want the stripes to be. Again, you're probably going to want to do a second coat of white. Just to assure you'll have an even and pigmented color!

After your bottle has dried completely, peel off your tape. Now you have perfectly straight lines. I used some faux flowers and stuck them in for a perfect fall decoration.

It looks so adorable outside! 

It's such a simple and easy decoration to make! And you can personalize it as much as you want! And hey, it makes an awesome gift too! Make your welcome to fall flower vase for your own home today. We hope you enjoyed this quick DIY post. For more personalized home decor items, check out our for the home section on our website. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Fashion 2015

Summer has come to an end. As August wraps up it's final days, we move towards one of the most exciting seasons of the year, Fall! Finally a break from all of this heat. Time to break out the jackets, boots, and let's be honest, pumpkin snacks. If you're looking to refresh your fall wardrobe, here's a quick list of the latest fall fashion trends for 2015. 

1. 1970's
This is not a drill. It's time to break out the bell bottom jeans again (incase you didn't throw them away like the rest of us...) But the biggest trend this fall is 1970's vintage fashion. If that scares you (it should... A little) here's some modern ways to stay trendy...

Flare jeans don't have to be scary! These stylish jeans enhance the natural curves of your legs (And we can finally stop talking about leg gaps ugh). And flare jeans are the best with wedge boots!

Along with flare jeans, these flowy tunics are on the front line of the 70's fashion movement. These blouses look fantastic tucked in or free flowing. They create a great hourglass illusion with your waist and you don't have to worry about arm day anymore. Free flowing fabric will keep your arms looking great whether you hit the gym or not. 

They're not your old school platform shoes, so you can relax. These shoes are called stacked heel pumps. Again, these pair perfectly with flare jeans. Because hey, who said you can't dress jeans up? And berry colors for the fall? Yes, please!

2. Faux Fur

Yes, faux fur. Another staple to our Fall 2015 fashion list. You can make any outfit ten times more glamorous by adding a fur coat to it. We love how they paired fur and lace in this picture. It's delicate and perfect for cold weather. Aka: Perfect summer to fall transition outfit.

And fur vests?! With those flowy blouses?! Can we admire this perfection for a second?

3. Girlfriend Jeans

But Kiersten! You said flare jeans are the fashion highlight this season! Well, they are! But two is better than one, right? Another big jean trend this fall is the girlfriend jean. Like the boyfriend jean, but more fitted. These jeans are distressed, comfy, and cuff at the ankle so they look fantastic with pumps. 

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm excited for this break from skinny jeans! I think wearing relaxed and flare jeans will make this fall more comfortable for all of us.

We hoped you enjoyed this post! I'm hoping you are as excited as me for fall! Because I know I'm looking forward to those cool crisp mornings! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dorm Essentials

Are you a college student this fall? Then this post is for you! Here's a list of dorm essentials that you will use your first year in college. Some dorm lists include lots of extra stuff you'll never use when you're away in your new dorm. But here are the absolute necessities you'll find yourself using almost every day.

Scalloped Magnet Board Large - $36.50: I can't even begin to explain how important organization is in college. Between clubs, classes, and football games you'll need to have a place where you can organize your activities. Our scalloped magnet board is not only a great decoration, it'll keep you on top of everything.

Monogrammed Towel Set - $48.50: A good set of towels will last you years. One of the first things I noticed when living in the dorms were the amount of personalized towels everyone had. (Plus then your roommate has no excuse for using your towel!)

Laundry Bag Waffle Weave Monogrammed - $32.50: Sometimes keeping your laundry together at the laundromat is a difficult task. Our laundry bag will be sure to fit all of your stylish clothes and keep them safe from going missing.

Monogrammed White Kashwere Robe Adult - $138.50: Treat yourself to a good robe. Seriously, do it. You might of not have worn robes around your house before but you will in college. Especially if you're living in a dorm where it's a community bathroom. Throwing a robe on is easy when you're showering, cold, or have to answer the door in the middle of the night. It's seriously one of the best inventions ever. 

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Stadium Sweatshirt Blanket - $36: Dorms are cold. Always. The temperature in my dorm never went above 70 degrees. (Okay maybe I get cold easily...) Anyway, a good big blanket will get lots of use in your dorm. When it's cold in the winter, you'll be so glad you got one. 

Monogrammed Organizer Caddy  - $30: Shower Caddies are lifesavers when you're living with community bathrooms. They keep all of your bath supplies together (And if you're anything like me, you have more than enough). Plus who doesn't want to look super cute as they strut into the bathrooms? 

We hope you enjoyed this post! College is such an exciting time to discover who you are. Take advantage of every minute of it!