Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Fashion on a Budget

I am so excited to be sharing my first "Advice Wednesday" on the blog today!  For this weeks advice I wanted to share some tips on how to find fashion on a budget.  It is really pretty easy, especially when you go in having a game plan and a spending limit.  So, here are some of my tips for staying stylish on a budget! 

1. Shop Discount:  Shopping stores like Forever 21 and H&M can actually be really helpful, you just have to know what you are shopping for.  I usually go for items made out of polyester or cotton because they keep pretty well.  I have two shirts from H&M that have lasted me forever.  One is a sleeveless floral shirt and the other is my white button down for work.  Both wash really easily and were under $15 each; definitely worth it!

2. Factory Stores: Much like discount, factory stores are fantastic, just a little more pricey.  I personally love Nordstrom Rack.  I seriously can't leave without buying something; however, the items are a little more expensive, but because they are designer items it is worth it of you are looking to spend a little more.  I bought my Kate Spade satchel there for $180ish and it was originally $350.  Still expensive, but a great deal for a designer item!

3. Wait: I always advocate waiting till an item goes on sale.  You will save money and you will know if you really want that item for sure.  A lot of times I forget about an item by the time it goes on sale, so I don't even bother buying.  It can be hard to restrain myself from buying on the spot, but it is definitely worth it in the end to wait!

4. Set a Limit: Whenever I want to buy something, I set a maximum spend limit for myself.  By doing this I limit myself to what I can buy and I stop myself from looking at items with a high price tag.  This tip has honestly helped me so much and I can't stress using it enough.  Setting a budget is essential in every aspect of living, so it is good to get a head start while you can!

5. Have a Little Splurge:  Every once in a while, we definitely deserve to splurge.  Whether that means buying the pair of designer shoes you have been saving up for or just getting a sweet treat, everyone deserves to spend money on themselves.  I like to save my splurges for when I am having a particularly emotional week or stressful time because it makes me feel a lot better!

How do you stay stylish on a budget?

P.S. If any of you have questions you would like me to address next Wednesday please comment below :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Patterned Shorts

One thing that I really have been loving lately is: Patterned shorts! Patterned shorts are so fabulous for Spring or Summer. They add the fun and cute elements to any outfit. J.Crew and Old Navy really make the best patterned shorts if you ask me!

{Some outfit examples are below, and at the end of this post you will find links to all of the items shown in the examples}

It's too hot outside!
I love how simple this outfit is.. You can wear a super casual t-shirt with an adorable pair of printed shorts.. and it looks like you actually put time and effort into your outfit! 
floral shorts
J.Crew really out did themselves with these shorts. They are so College Prepster... I love the blue and white flowers along with the dark brown leather accessories. 
navy & printed shorts
If these shorts aren't Springy.. I don't know what is! The white Tory crossbody looks perfect with the shorts and navy top.
bright colors
I love the chic look in this outfit! The lace, the bow detailing on the sandals, the tortoise accessories... Oh, I'm in love
printed shorts
This outfit's main focus is bright colors! I love the mint and pink together.. Absolutely beautiful!
printed shorts
I have never seen blue tribal shorts before.. I love the look of them though! Perfect with navy.. 
orange and tory
I love, love, LOVE the look of these shorts and the Tory Burch. The white sandals and top are perfect to go with these orange shorts! 
paisley and eyelet


Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Statements

spring statements

spring statements by classycathleen featuring kate spade jewelry

Hey Y'all,
Today's post is about bright things. I love bright colors, and sparkles... I feel like Spring is really the only season that can handle bright colors and sparkles. I picked a few items that I feel are bright, but also items that set a statement by themselves. 

Sometimes accessories can set statements by being bright. Bright pops of color definitely set statements in outfits. Bold patterns can also set statements. Big patterns stand out, and are fun to look at in outfits. Also, big jewelry is another type of statement accessory for Spring. 

There are all different types of items that can set statements in outfits. Anything and everything from scarves, necklaces, sandals, bags, shorts, bracelets, flats, and even belts. 

All of the items are linked below: 

Fashion Friday

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to be joining the team tonight with my first "Fashion Friday" post.  Today is particularly exciting for me because it is prom day!  I can't wait to dance the night away, take tons of pictures, and just have fun!  Make sure you check out Instagram (@preponabudgetblog) for updates throughout the night! 

Anyway, for this "Fashion Friday" I wanted to share a OOTD I created with this great new dress I bought.  A friend and I went shopping on Wednesday--originally for prom jewelry--and I ended up coming home with a new dress, a shirt, and a tiara haha.  Here is how I styled my new dress!

dress: Francesca's shoes: Jack Rogers

This is definitely going to be one of my go-to looks for the warmer days ahead.  It gives off the perfect preppy/beachy vibe!

What did you wear this week?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sucker for Seersucker

I'm a sucker for anything seersucker!

I. Love. Seersucker.

A lot. 

When I see seersucker dresses, pants, button ups ect. I always think of springtime! Since the current season is Spring.. I thought I would share with y'all some lovely seersucker items!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Dresses

easter dresses

easter dresses by classycathleen featuring a white dress

Hey Y'all,
I can't believe that it is already almost Easter! How crazy is that? For today's post.. I just wanted it to be quick and simple and show y'all some beautiful dresses for Easter Sunday. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Inspirations {Pinterest}

Hey Y'all,
Happy Friday:) I just love Fridays.. The end of the week makes me so happy! I love the weekends.. I also love being inspired. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Ever. Pinterest is my favorite way to get inspired.. Especially for fashion reasons! Let's take a look at some inspiring Spring fashion pins from Pinterest:


Monday, April 7, 2014

Monogram Wishes...

Hey Y'all,
I love monograms. I love owning items with my monogram on them. Monograms really personalize products, and make them so much more special! Tiny Tulip is one of my favorite monogramming companies/websites. I adore all of their products. That's why I was so happy when I was asked to blog for Tiny Tulip:) In this post, I will show y'all my favorite monogram items from Tiny Tulip!

I love the idea of having a HUGE monogram on the front of a sweatshirt! So effortlessly perfect...

This round, classic duffel bag is perfect for all kinds of travel! It's simply adorable..

I have always been a clutch/wristlet/crossbody kind of girl.. This bag is perfect!

I'm a true sucker for anything seersucker... And anything monogrammed... This pajama pants are just amazing!

This big floppy hat is great for keeping the sun off of your face in a cute, and fun way! Floppy hats look so much better with a monogram...

I love gingham shirts.. They look so adorable with a monogram! I need this, desperately.

I've always wanted a separate pair of monogrammed rainboots to wear when it is lightly raining outside.. I might just need to buy this boots...

Again, I love seersucker.. These ruffle clutches are just too cute!

I love the longchamp style of bag. These bags are so much cheaper than regular longchamps.. Plus, they have a monogram on them! I want, no I need this bag!

I would have included most of Tiny Tulip's website in this post... But you know I decided I would just pick my absolute favorite items to share! I hope that you enjoyed:)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Tote's Adorable"

Hey Y'all,
Carrying a purse is that one big step that many teenagers take on their way to "becoming an adult". Now adults know that carrying a purse does not have an impact on becoming a grown woman.. But large purses are very sophisticated and grown up.

Personally, I feel that tote bags are much more fancy than regular purses. Totes are larger, and classier! Of course it depends on the tote.. But the totes that I have selected are high class and all around perfect in my opinion!

tote's adorable

tote's adorable by classycathleen

Bag #1: Madewell Transport tote- This tote is HUGE. This bag is very spacious.. Most people wouldn't like how plain and boring this tote is. If you ask me, I love this tote! It's plain-ness makes it perfect! This tote will match all sorts of outfits. Just imagine how this tote would look with a small monogram up towards the top.. 

Bag #2: Large Longchamp Le Pliage- When many people think of a "preppy" tote, they think of Longchamp bags or Longchamp inspired bags. I love the color of this tote for Spring. This light blue color is so bright, and happy. It reminds me of little blue wildflowers! 

Bag #3: Neon Pink Beach Tote- I love the bright pink color in this tote. So perfect for Spring, Summer, the beach.. Oh I'm in LOVE! The size of this bag makes it very practical for the beach. You need a large, dry bag to put your stuff in when you go to the beach. 

Bag #4: Tory Burch Ella Tote- This bag is very chic. It is just one of those staple fashion bags! A high-end, high-quality bag like this one is definitely a staple. This bag is very reliable, and I think it would hold a lot, while looking great at the same time. 

Bag #5: Louis Vuitton Leather Bucket Bag- Some people might not like the Louis Vuitton logo/monogram all over this bag. I personally love the size and style of the tote. It is very true to its name. The bag is like a bucket! A very fashionable and trendy bucket...

Bag #6: Lilly Pulitzer Gold Brier Tote- I love gold. It is such a bright and metallic color. And it looks great on a tote bag! My favorite part of this tote is the bow detail on the handle.. So feminine and beautiful. I really love this tote!

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