Monday, April 7, 2014

Monogram Wishes...

Hey Y'all,
I love monograms. I love owning items with my monogram on them. Monograms really personalize products, and make them so much more special! Tiny Tulip is one of my favorite monogramming companies/websites. I adore all of their products. That's why I was so happy when I was asked to blog for Tiny Tulip:) In this post, I will show y'all my favorite monogram items from Tiny Tulip!

I love the idea of having a HUGE monogram on the front of a sweatshirt! So effortlessly perfect...

This round, classic duffel bag is perfect for all kinds of travel! It's simply adorable..

I have always been a clutch/wristlet/crossbody kind of girl.. This bag is perfect!

I'm a true sucker for anything seersucker... And anything monogrammed... This pajama pants are just amazing!

This big floppy hat is great for keeping the sun off of your face in a cute, and fun way! Floppy hats look so much better with a monogram...

I love gingham shirts.. They look so adorable with a monogram! I need this, desperately.

I've always wanted a separate pair of monogrammed rainboots to wear when it is lightly raining outside.. I might just need to buy this boots...

Again, I love seersucker.. These ruffle clutches are just too cute!

I love the longchamp style of bag. These bags are so much cheaper than regular longchamps.. Plus, they have a monogram on them! I want, no I need this bag!

I would have included most of Tiny Tulip's website in this post... But you know I decided I would just pick my absolute favorite items to share! I hope that you enjoyed:)

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