Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Tote's Adorable"

Hey Y'all,
Carrying a purse is that one big step that many teenagers take on their way to "becoming an adult". Now adults know that carrying a purse does not have an impact on becoming a grown woman.. But large purses are very sophisticated and grown up.

Personally, I feel that tote bags are much more fancy than regular purses. Totes are larger, and classier! Of course it depends on the tote.. But the totes that I have selected are high class and all around perfect in my opinion!

tote's adorable

tote's adorable by classycathleen

Bag #1: Madewell Transport tote- This tote is HUGE. This bag is very spacious.. Most people wouldn't like how plain and boring this tote is. If you ask me, I love this tote! It's plain-ness makes it perfect! This tote will match all sorts of outfits. Just imagine how this tote would look with a small monogram up towards the top.. 

Bag #2: Large Longchamp Le Pliage- When many people think of a "preppy" tote, they think of Longchamp bags or Longchamp inspired bags. I love the color of this tote for Spring. This light blue color is so bright, and happy. It reminds me of little blue wildflowers! 

Bag #3: Neon Pink Beach Tote- I love the bright pink color in this tote. So perfect for Spring, Summer, the beach.. Oh I'm in LOVE! The size of this bag makes it very practical for the beach. You need a large, dry bag to put your stuff in when you go to the beach. 

Bag #4: Tory Burch Ella Tote- This bag is very chic. It is just one of those staple fashion bags! A high-end, high-quality bag like this one is definitely a staple. This bag is very reliable, and I think it would hold a lot, while looking great at the same time. 

Bag #5: Louis Vuitton Leather Bucket Bag- Some people might not like the Louis Vuitton logo/monogram all over this bag. I personally love the size and style of the tote. It is very true to its name. The bag is like a bucket! A very fashionable and trendy bucket...

Bag #6: Lilly Pulitzer Gold Brier Tote- I love gold. It is such a bright and metallic color. And it looks great on a tote bag! My favorite part of this tote is the bow detail on the handle.. So feminine and beautiful. I really love this tote!

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