Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Advice Wednesday: College Essays

Since I am getting to the end of my junior year, it is getting more and more important that I write my college essay.  We recently finished writing a draft for my AP English class and it got me thinking about tips for writing a good college essay.  Although I am no college admissions officer, I hope these tips will help you figure out how to write your perfect college essay.


1. The Topic: Choose something meaningful to your life and development as a person.  It can be something really simple or something really dramatic and big; however, make sure it really describes you.  Don't choose a story because it is funny or because it is sad, choose it because it is you.

2. Length: For most college essays, you are given a maximum word amount.  The common app maximum this year was 650 words, which isn't a whole lot, but it is definitely doable.  When I decide on length I try to do just enough to cover the entire story, while still showing my readers the meaning it has to my life.  I also just let my paragraphs flow and occur naturally.  It makes the essay much more casual, relatable, and easy to read.  

3. To Title or Not To Title: This is a question many ask when encountering college essays, and you will get multiple answers.  Some people say that it is a waste of words and really doesn't add a whole lot to the essay itself; however, others argue that it sets up the essay and gives it an original uniqueness, that sets you apart from the rest.  So really, it is completely up to you to title or not!

I know this is a short list of tips, but they really helped me write my college essay!

Any tips you would add?

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