Friday, May 16, 2014

Fashion Friday: Business Casual

While day dreaming about my summer plans (hopefully a trip to NYC), I realized that for the Smart Girls Summit I would need to bring some business casual attire.  I don't know about you, but business casual has always been confusing for me.  It is a tricky style to handle because what is considered too casual, other than the completely obvious?  Since I needed some inspiration I started looking around online and I think I have a good idea on what business casual is now!  Here are a few outfits I made that fit the bill perfectly!
I'm sorry I only have one flat option, but I have always been a heel girl myself.  I especially like the red because it is such a fun pop of color!  My personal favorite of these three looks would probably be option one paired with the red or the nude heels.

What do you think about business casual?  Which outfit is your favorite?


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