Friday, May 30, 2014

Fashion Friday: Getting Into Summer!

I must say I get so much use out of this dress Frannie from Pockets and Lace sent me!  It is so light, perfect for a dressy casual night, and a great pattern for spring.  I especially love it paired with my Joie nice sandals--review coming soon-- and my new earrings Seth gave me.  The earrings are absolutely perfect and it was such a sweet surprise!  Here is the whole outfit!

dress/sandals c/o

Aren't the earrings just gorgeous?!?  I am definitely going to be sporting them quite often, especially since green is "my color" ;)

What is your go-to dress?

P.S. Use PREP2014 to get 25% off on your next purchase at Pockets and Lace.  They have some fantastic new pieces for summer!

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