Monday, May 12, 2014

Stationary Shopping!

Continuing on with Friday's post about The Lost Art of Snail Mail.. Sometimes, It's easy to decide that you are interested in stationary, but sometimes it's hard to choose where to even purchase your own paper from! I'm here to help:)

The Fine Print Paperie: {link}
This etsy store has very bright and colorful card sets. Most of their sets are priced at $12 with 8 cards in a set. The Fine Print Paperie has darling patterns and colors on their cards. You can also get them personalized!

When It Rains Shop: {link}
When It Rains sells darling stationary in sets of 10 for $12. With When It Rains, you get to choose between 12 different patterns for your cards and 30 different fonts. I love all of the patterns! From Herringbone to chevron, from triangles to polka dots. I love When It Rains!

Hedoe Paper: {link}
I love all of the monogram stationary coming from Hedoe Paper. In my favorite set, You get 12 cards for $21. Monograms, chevron, whales, and anchors are just a few of the designs that you will find in this shop!

Herringbone Hearts {link}
This is the kind of stationary I have currently. Cream ish colored paper with Cathleen in gold, and envelopes with gold polka dots on the inside. Absolutely perfect! 6 cards come in a set, and they cost around $18.

I hope this post helped! Make sure you check out the giveaway going on now over on Classy Cathleen for a set of the above cards! Personalized of course.. {link}


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