Monday, June 9, 2014

Brighten your Days

Hey Y'all,
I am trying my dead level best to get back into my regular posting schedule. So far so good right? My summer officially started last Friday. Thank the good Lord! I am so ready for Summer, and writing more than I have been. Be on the look out for even better posts from me:) let's move on into today's post: 

In the spring time and summer time there is quite a lot of rain.. The skies are cloudy and the air (at least in SC) is humid and sticky. And what's the best way to brighten up a rainy and dreary day? Bright pops of color! 

I feel like more people want to add pops i color to their outfits, they just don't know how to do it without either a. Overdoing it or b. adding the pop of color in the wrong place or c. Making it look really tacky. Let me give y'all a few examples of how to correctly add touches of color to your outfits: 

pop of yellow

pop of pink

teal and yellow

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