Friday, June 13, 2014

Bubblegum & Navy

Hey Y'all,
Lately I have been loving the colors bubblegum and navy together. It is my favorite color combo at the moment! Maybe it's because of the darkness of the navy and the lightness and brightness of the bubblegum.. I'm not really positive why I love these colors so much.. I just know that they are perfect! Let's take a closer look:

bubblegum & navy
Because all of your accessories can't be pink and navy.. You have to add another color to the mix! I chose white. It helps to balance out the navy and bubblegum! The above outfit would be perfect for Summer because of the light material in the skirt. The fact that it is long and flowy, and paired with a tanktop.. Makes it a very summer-y outfit:)

bubblegum & navy
The above look is very simple and casual. It is also a good outfit for the Spring and Summer time because of the J.Crew chinos and Jack Rogers sandals. Almost everything in this set matches the pink and navy theme except for the bracelet of course..

Bubblegum and Navy
And last but not least we have the J.Crew bow back tank with a pair of navy cutout scalloped shorts. Not only do we have navy and bubblegum going on.. There is a pearly white thing going on as well! In the bracelets, and in the sandals.

Below you will find all of the pink and navy items used in this post:

So.. What's your favorite color combo for Summer?


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