Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Protecting Yourself from the Sun

Although it is almost the end of summer, there is still tons of time to be spent out in the hot sun.  I am, personally, very fair skinned so sun protection is a must for me every time I leave the house; and it should be for anyone reallyHere are some easy tips to help protect you from the summer sun!
Sun Protection

Tip one is probably pretty obvious, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who don't wear sunscreen when they spend long hours in the sun.  I love Neutrogena and I always use their spray on 100 SPF sunscreen.

Another great way to keep your skin protected is to wear a foundation that has SPF.  Even the littlest bit can help protect your skin from burning; and if you don't love wearing super heavy sunscreen, or are just going to be out for a little while, hats are a great option!

What are your tips for sun protection? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

light blue + pink + gold

Hey y'all,
Lately I have been wanting to re-do my room. By re-do, I mean paint, change out furniture, and just clean everything up... Pinterest has been a huge help in coming up with color combos and other ideas for my future room, and actually my idea is a spin off of an image I saw on Pinterest! I just love the light blue paired with a darker pink. It's really hard to put my dreams, wishes, and imaginations into words.... So this past week, i found a new use for Polyvore! I used Polyvore to put my thoughts in an image (actually three) to share with y'all. I hope you like it.. And y'all will have to follow along over on my blog and instagram to see my progress and pictures.. and things like that!

light blue + pink + gold
This is the bedroom side of the room. I love the pink comforter (mine will most likely have some sort of monogram on it.. and the pillows too..) I also love the gold side table and other furniture in the room! The yellow/gold prints on the wall are great just to give the wall some more color! *When I made this I was debating if I was going to have the pink border on the bottom as well.. In the end I decided to include it because I feel like it gives it more of a framed look.. that is why you will see the pink on all four sides on the other images.

light blue + pink + gold
This is the clothes/closet side of the room. I do have a walk in closet so I was trying to save that as another room since it's large and I don't want to have to design that yet. I love this dresser! It looks so vintage, and this chair from Chairish is beautiful!! I love the turquoise color.. it matches the room perfectly! So does the gold coffee table and lamp and the Kate Spade candle. The clothing rack is out next to the dresser becasue I just love the look of having a rack outside of the closet. I think it would be perfect for outfit planning and things like that.

blue + pink + gold

This is my absolute favorite part of the room... The office area. I think it's important for every person to have one place in their house set aside for work, and office stuff.. and well, I am in love with this area that I came up with! I feel like this desk is literally perfection.. and some of y'all might not like the director's chair.. but I love it! Also, I of course had to put a mug on the desk because I enjoy drinking tea as I work. There is a small desk lamp and organizer on the desk for obvious reasons.. and the shelf was just the perfect place to put more peonies because I love peonies and they are beautiful and they will be all over my room. (I apologize for the extreme run-on sentence... but umm I'm obsessed) I love a good inspirational quote.. I have a whole Pinterest board of them! They really just motivate you to complete your day! The prints that are around the desk are nice, and definitely favorites of mine.. but I probably won't get those exact ones. Maybe some quotes and some lovely pictures would be nice to just put up around the walls!

Please leave me a comment, and let me know what you think! This is going to be a long process, but I am 100% commmited and I am so ready just to buy the paint, clear out my furniture, and start painting! Also.. Please let me know if you know any places for affordable furniture/decor/peonies (haha just kidding) or things like that! Or you can email me @


Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday: GiGi New York Sale

If you follow my blog, then you know I am huge fan of GiGi New York.  They have great products and the best part-- They make everything in America!  I think it is so important to support our American manufacturers because it is such a dying trade.  Now you can support GiGi New York too by shopping their great sale!  They are currently offering 50-60% off their sale items along with free shipping over $75.  Here are a few of my favorite items from the sale!

I am a personal fan of the All in One Clutch.  They are perfect for anything really and made of great quality leather!

Make sure you check out the sale here

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Advice Wednesday: The Trick to Having the Best Day

Normally, I write out 3-5 tips for my Advice Wednesday posts, but there is honestly only one trick I have to having the best day:  Start the day early!  Ever since I have been getting up at 9 or 10, I feel so much better and I get so much more accomplished during the day.

By getting up early, I also have a more scheduled day.  I get up, watch my favorite TV show, work, and then get some of my reading done for school.  After all that is done, I still have a bunch of time left to do whatever else I want with the day, which usually includes seeing Seth haha.

I know this is a really short advice post, but trust me, it works.  I have never felt better since I started getting up earlier!

What is your trick to having the best day?  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Closet Inspiration

Hey Y'all,
I spent my day going through all of my clothes, trying them on, deciding what I still like, re-hanging them, re-folding them, and just organizing my closet! It's been a long time since I paid some attention to the organization part of my closet. I love how organized my closet looks now! I think that when your clothes are neatly put away it puts you in a better mood when you go to get dressed! I thought that I would share some closet inspiration with y'all! The pictures you will find below will be of closet layouts and organization within the closets.

{none of the following pictures belong to me. I found them all on Pinterest, and I have linked where the images came from.}

I hope you guys enjoyed these colorful and creative closets as much as I did! 
Thanks for reading, 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Friday: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday and happy Anniversary Sale!  Nordstrom's Anniversary sale is one my favorite sales of the year.  They always have such great pieces and they are marked down a whole bunch!  This year, I am really liking their shoes, handbags, and accessories.  There are some great, iconic picks that you will use time to time!  Here are a few of my favorites!

If you couldn't tell, I may or may not be a little shoe obsessed haha!  I really want to get those fun Steve Madden pumps.  The pop of color is great!

Summer Sandals

In the Summer time, there is nothing like a nice, good pair of leather sandals. There are SO many different styles, colors, shapes, and brands to choose from! In this post... I will show you some pairs of sandals that I am in LOVE with! Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know what your favorite pair from this post was!

1. J.Crew Camden Sandals: These sandals are that classic leather color, and just such a classic style. I feel like they fit best in that "street style" part of the preppy style.. Does that make any sense? *Off topic: I feel like there are different styles inside of the preppy style. Like you have the casual southern (t-shirts + nike shorts + jack rogers), classic prep (chinos, oxfords, jack rogers), nautical (seersucker and anchors, sperry's), and street style (arm candy, jeans, blouse, boots, sandals ect).* Anyways.. I feel like these sandals were meant to walk in. You can find the sandals here.

2. Zara Shiny Sandals: *Side note: I could not find these actual sandals on the Zara site.. So these are similar* I like where the straps are on these sandals. They look sort of like flip flops, but they are still sandals, and wrap around your ankles. Find similar sandals here, and only $16! 

3. Dolce Vita Draya Sandal: These sandals are a little different because of all the studded details on the strap. I like how these shoes have more of a T-strap. I also like the color of the leather. I really like darker leathered sandals because your foot stain things won't show up as much as they do on lighter leathered. Find the sandals here

4. Jack Rogers Lauren (cognac): First of all.. I think I like this color of Jack Rogers more than the platinum ones. Just the cognac color makes the Jack Rogers look much more casual and like other sandals. Plus these would match literally EVERYTHING. Find the sandals here. 

5. K. Jacques petrone leather thong sandal: These sandals are the perfect, classic pair of t strap sandals. They are just classic and simple. Find these sandals here.

6. Lilly Pulitzer Mckims: These are a more dressy pair of sandals. They come in both navy and white. Both colors would match many outfits, and they are just a very comfy pair of sandals. They are more flip flops than regular sandals.. But I still like them!

7. Michael Kors Adriana Flat Sandal: These sandals are different than regular sandals. I love that these sandals are more like art than an actual pair of sandals. The buckles are beautiful, and the color of the leather is great as well. You can find these sandals here.

Which pair of sandals did you like the most?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Keeping a Schedule

The Smart Girls Group Conference in NYC was so much fun!  Not only were there speakers great, but we got some super fun goodies as well.  Besides the Tieks giftcard we snagged, I really fell in love with the new planners that each of us got.  I have always kept a planner, but keeping a schedule has been a struggle; however, now that I have my Whitney English Day Designer, I want to turn that around.  Here are some tips I to keeping a schedule!


1. Be Proactive: Always write in dates when you get them.  By doing this you will never forget what you have going and you are a lot less likely to over-schedule yourself!

2. Keep a Running To-Do List: This is one thing I live by, and it absolutely helps!  I never forget what I have to do, but I also pace myself; that way, when I am bored, I always have something to do!

3. Make Time for You: I have always stressed the idea of making time for yourself, I couldn't recommend it more.  Do something you love to do.  Whether that is sitting back and relaxing, listening to music, or being with the person you love-- my personal favorite-- it makes you a lot happier and keeps your day going!

What are your tips to keeping a schedule?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Olivia Palermo

Hey Y'all, 
After I had seen Olivia Palermo's wedding outfit... I wanted to see more of Palermo's style. And I'm so glad that I did! She is the QUEEN of Pattern Mixing, and all of her outfits are so very original. Her style is unlike anyone I've ever seen before. I really enjoy looking at her fashion photos.. It's all very inspiring when I go to plan out my outfits! Check out her blog here: link 

Here are some of my favorite looks: 
pretty sure only one person could pull this look off.. And that's none other than Olivia P
I love how every single clothing item is a different black and white pattern. I don't think I would ever be able to pull off this outfit... Palermo certainly can! I just love how these high waisted shorts look with the striped tank.. And of course the open button up. Leave it to O.P to style all black and white and finish the look off with hunter green heels! I LOVE this.

Olivia Palermo
Here's another one of my favorite looks from Palermo. First of all.. I LOVE the background of the carousel. It's so fun! I feel like wearing blazers is more of a business and casual style that I don't enjoy that much.. But, I really love this look! The color choices are great for just a simple and minimalist type of outfit. {link

Olivia Palermo
Overalls are something that I would never wear! They are not my style AT ALL! Somehow.. I am in love with the way O.P. styled this pair. I would have never thought of wearing them with a pinstripe oxford, and a statement necklace peeking out. It's so.. I don't know.. I just like this outfit! {link}

Olivia Palermo always comes up with the best outfits. I am in LOVE with her style... She is so original, and if you follow me on Pinterest.... I'm sure you've seen an awful lot of O. P. But, I don't get sick of her style. It's always so different!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Graphic Tees + Boyfriend Jeans

Hey Y'all,
Lately I have seen so many bloggers styling graphic tees and boyfriend jeans. I love the boyfriend jean style. I think they are very chic, and can be styled so many different ways. I love the style, but I don't think it would look that great on me.. I will have to try it some day.. I can't judge the style by it's cover! Here are some looks that I put together that I am LOVING right now!!

Look #1: Everything Sounds Fancier in French-
Everything sounds fancier in French
French is not my language AT ALL!  I studied some Spanish.. But that's about it! I had to use google translate to figure out what "la mer" meant. According to Google, it means The Sea. So.. I decided to pair a few nautical accessories like the bangles, earrings, and rings. Since the tee was a navy color, I decided that i lighter wash of boyfriend jeans would look the best. When I was trying to figure out what shoes would match this outfit... It took a while, to decide! Then I saw these white converse, and i got really excited. I knew that I had found the perfect match!

#2: J'adore J.Crew-

Here's some more French that I didn't understand.. J'adore. However, I used context clues when I saw "Amor" which means Love in Spanish. Then I realized that this shirt is such a perfect graphic tee! J.Crew always has the very best tees.. This one is certainly a favorite. I guess you could say that I  J'adore J.Crew! Again we see the light wash boyfriend jeans paired with a tee. instead of the white converse.. I put a pair of Toms wedges. Also I feel like the statement earrings and Tory Burch bag really help to finish off the look.

#3: Fan-Tast-Ique!-

I love how the words on this tee take up just about the entire shirt. I also love the "Q" and the "A" on this tee. I decided to pair this tee with a medium wash of boyfriend jeans, some wedges, and an open cardigan. This look is nice for Fall, because if it get's chilly.. You have your cardigan! If it's too warm.. Take the cardigan off! I felt like the jewelry was very basic and I tried to make the accessories match (or at least the leather accessories). Like the watch, shoes, and clutch.

What look was your favorite? Leave me a comment below! Also be sure to pin these images on Pinterest:)

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Fashion Friday: NYC Brunch

Earlier this week, my mom and I went to a late brunch at Maison Kayser in the Upper East Side.  It was so delicious and the perfect place to take some pictures of my outfit.  It was sweltering in the city, so I tried to go for something cute, but still cool enough to walk in!

I must say, this was a great outfit for meeting up with friends as well!  After my college visit to Fordham, I met up with Anna and Katelyn at the Kate Spade on Madison, and it was so much fun.  Meeting people you have been friends with for so long in person is one of the best experiences and on thing I love about blogging!

What do you wear to brunch in the city?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Navigating the Subway

Since I am in NYC this week, I thought it would be appropriate to share some tips on navigating the subway.  I was a little nervous at first, but it is so easy and so efficient!  I definitely recommend it if you are visiting the city and want to get around to lots of places.  It can be dicey in some areas, but if you know where you are going you will be perfectly fine!  Here are my tips for navigating the subway!

1. Map Out Ahead of Time:  Always know your route ahead of time.  I recommend using either HopStop or the public transportation option on Google Maps.  Both are super helpful in finding the perfect route for you and it makes you feel a lot more confident in knowing your way around.

2. Always Ask:  Although New Yorkers get a bad rep for being rude, never be afraid to ask for directions or help because people here are so helpful.  Since they live here they know where everything popular is and they know their way around.  Everyone has been more than happy to guide us to the right subway or exit so we can get to the right place.

3. Know When to Ride:  Never ever ride the subway at certain times in certain areas.  It just isn't safe, especially being a woman alone in the city.  I don't know the exact areas, but one area I would for sure avoid late at night is the Bronx.  It can be kind of sketchy in some areas and I personally wouldn't feel too safe their late at night.

Hopefully these subway tips help you for your next visit to NYC!   

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fruit for the Fourth

Hey Y'all,
Happy Fourth Of July! My birthday was yesterday.. So this week has been pretty eventful for me! Anyways, If you have a Pinterest account, I'm pretty sure you have seen at least one or two photos of Fourth of July fruit!I love the red strawberries and blueberries and bananas(or marshmallows if you're like me and don't like bananas). They just look so pretty together and patriotic too! So... I thought I would show y'all some Independence Day fruit photos!

I couldn't find a link to give creds to {Found on Pinterest}

Hope y'all have a great 4th! 

Fashion Friday: My 4th Look

Recently I have been working with Courtney-- owner of Curate Boutique-- to put together a couple of fun summer looks.  Since it was so close to the 4th, we thought it would be a great idea to put a 4th of July themed outfit together.  Check it out!


I absolutely love how playful this shirt is!  It is so chic, yet perfectly casual for the 4thof July, and the best thing: All of these items are part of Curate's 4th of July sale, so they are a great deal!

What is your 4th of July look?