Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Balancing Life in the Summer


For some reason summer always seems to be more busy for me than the school year.  I am constantly running around doing, doing, doing, which leads me to be stressed out, tired, and needless to say exhausted.  I like keeping myself busy, but when does busy become too busy?  By the amount of meltdowns I have had this summer already, I think I am far past the too busy point.  To help myself avoid the meltdowns I am abiding by these tips.

1. Take a Break:  I find taking 10-15 minutes to just sit-- no technology, people, or plans-- and think really helps me relax.  There is something about having time just for me that makes my day so much better.

2. Meditate: Along the same lines, I find meditating very relaxing.  It clears my mind and makes me feel so refreshed afterward.  I do, however, recommend meditating at night because it makes me so relaxed that I get drowsy.

3. Get Some Sleep:  I can't stress how important getting sleep is.  When I don't get enough sleep my whole day is terrible and I am never in a good mood-- as both my family and Seth can agree with haha.  I always try to shoot for 9 hours a night because the extra hour just feels so great!

How do you balance life in the summer?  

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