Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Keeping a Schedule

The Smart Girls Group Conference in NYC was so much fun!  Not only were there speakers great, but we got some super fun goodies as well.  Besides the Tieks giftcard we snagged, I really fell in love with the new planners that each of us got.  I have always kept a planner, but keeping a schedule has been a struggle; however, now that I have my Whitney English Day Designer, I want to turn that around.  Here are some tips I to keeping a schedule!


1. Be Proactive: Always write in dates when you get them.  By doing this you will never forget what you have going and you are a lot less likely to over-schedule yourself!

2. Keep a Running To-Do List: This is one thing I live by, and it absolutely helps!  I never forget what I have to do, but I also pace myself; that way, when I am bored, I always have something to do!

3. Make Time for You: I have always stressed the idea of making time for yourself, I couldn't recommend it more.  Do something you love to do.  Whether that is sitting back and relaxing, listening to music, or being with the person you love-- my personal favorite-- it makes you a lot happier and keeps your day going!

What are your tips to keeping a schedule?

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