Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advice Wednesday: Navigating the Subway

Since I am in NYC this week, I thought it would be appropriate to share some tips on navigating the subway.  I was a little nervous at first, but it is so easy and so efficient!  I definitely recommend it if you are visiting the city and want to get around to lots of places.  It can be dicey in some areas, but if you know where you are going you will be perfectly fine!  Here are my tips for navigating the subway!

1. Map Out Ahead of Time:  Always know your route ahead of time.  I recommend using either HopStop or the public transportation option on Google Maps.  Both are super helpful in finding the perfect route for you and it makes you feel a lot more confident in knowing your way around.

2. Always Ask:  Although New Yorkers get a bad rep for being rude, never be afraid to ask for directions or help because people here are so helpful.  Since they live here they know where everything popular is and they know their way around.  Everyone has been more than happy to guide us to the right subway or exit so we can get to the right place.

3. Know When to Ride:  Never ever ride the subway at certain times in certain areas.  It just isn't safe, especially being a woman alone in the city.  I don't know the exact areas, but one area I would for sure avoid late at night is the Bronx.  It can be kind of sketchy in some areas and I personally wouldn't feel too safe their late at night.

Hopefully these subway tips help you for your next visit to NYC!   

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