Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Advice Wednesday: The Trick to Having the Best Day

Normally, I write out 3-5 tips for my Advice Wednesday posts, but there is honestly only one trick I have to having the best day:  Start the day early!  Ever since I have been getting up at 9 or 10, I feel so much better and I get so much more accomplished during the day.

By getting up early, I also have a more scheduled day.  I get up, watch my favorite TV show, work, and then get some of my reading done for school.  After all that is done, I still have a bunch of time left to do whatever else I want with the day, which usually includes seeing Seth haha.

I know this is a really short advice post, but trust me, it works.  I have never felt better since I started getting up earlier!

What is your trick to having the best day?  

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