Monday, July 14, 2014

Olivia Palermo

Hey Y'all, 
After I had seen Olivia Palermo's wedding outfit... I wanted to see more of Palermo's style. And I'm so glad that I did! She is the QUEEN of Pattern Mixing, and all of her outfits are so very original. Her style is unlike anyone I've ever seen before. I really enjoy looking at her fashion photos.. It's all very inspiring when I go to plan out my outfits! Check out her blog here: link 

Here are some of my favorite looks: 
pretty sure only one person could pull this look off.. And that's none other than Olivia P
I love how every single clothing item is a different black and white pattern. I don't think I would ever be able to pull off this outfit... Palermo certainly can! I just love how these high waisted shorts look with the striped tank.. And of course the open button up. Leave it to O.P to style all black and white and finish the look off with hunter green heels! I LOVE this.

Olivia Palermo
Here's another one of my favorite looks from Palermo. First of all.. I LOVE the background of the carousel. It's so fun! I feel like wearing blazers is more of a business and casual style that I don't enjoy that much.. But, I really love this look! The color choices are great for just a simple and minimalist type of outfit. {link

Olivia Palermo
Overalls are something that I would never wear! They are not my style AT ALL! Somehow.. I am in love with the way O.P. styled this pair. I would have never thought of wearing them with a pinstripe oxford, and a statement necklace peeking out. It's so.. I don't know.. I just like this outfit! {link}

Olivia Palermo always comes up with the best outfits. I am in LOVE with her style... She is so original, and if you follow me on Pinterest.... I'm sure you've seen an awful lot of O. P. But, I don't get sick of her style. It's always so different!

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