Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Sandals

In the Summer time, there is nothing like a nice, good pair of leather sandals. There are SO many different styles, colors, shapes, and brands to choose from! In this post... I will show you some pairs of sandals that I am in LOVE with! Feel free to leave a comment, and let me know what your favorite pair from this post was!

1. J.Crew Camden Sandals: These sandals are that classic leather color, and just such a classic style. I feel like they fit best in that "street style" part of the preppy style.. Does that make any sense? *Off topic: I feel like there are different styles inside of the preppy style. Like you have the casual southern (t-shirts + nike shorts + jack rogers), classic prep (chinos, oxfords, jack rogers), nautical (seersucker and anchors, sperry's), and street style (arm candy, jeans, blouse, boots, sandals ect).* Anyways.. I feel like these sandals were meant to walk in. You can find the sandals here.

2. Zara Shiny Sandals: *Side note: I could not find these actual sandals on the Zara site.. So these are similar* I like where the straps are on these sandals. They look sort of like flip flops, but they are still sandals, and wrap around your ankles. Find similar sandals here, and only $16! 

3. Dolce Vita Draya Sandal: These sandals are a little different because of all the studded details on the strap. I like how these shoes have more of a T-strap. I also like the color of the leather. I really like darker leathered sandals because your foot stain things won't show up as much as they do on lighter leathered. Find the sandals here

4. Jack Rogers Lauren (cognac): First of all.. I think I like this color of Jack Rogers more than the platinum ones. Just the cognac color makes the Jack Rogers look much more casual and like other sandals. Plus these would match literally EVERYTHING. Find the sandals here. 

5. K. Jacques petrone leather thong sandal: These sandals are the perfect, classic pair of t strap sandals. They are just classic and simple. Find these sandals here.

6. Lilly Pulitzer Mckims: These are a more dressy pair of sandals. They come in both navy and white. Both colors would match many outfits, and they are just a very comfy pair of sandals. They are more flip flops than regular sandals.. But I still like them!

7. Michael Kors Adriana Flat Sandal: These sandals are different than regular sandals. I love that these sandals are more like art than an actual pair of sandals. The buckles are beautiful, and the color of the leather is great as well. You can find these sandals here.

Which pair of sandals did you like the most?

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