Monday, August 18, 2014

Campus Rep Program!

Tiny Tulip is excited to announce that we have started a Campus Rep program! If you are interested in helping us reach  new customers on your campus this is the program for you! 

Want to get involved? Just follow the steps below to get started!

1.     E-mail us a list of all the members in your organization.  Your organization must have at least 30 members to be considered.  This does not have to include contact information.  We just need their first and last names so that we can make sure that all members receive their Tiny Tulip promo products! Your organization can be anything: sorority, sports team, club, group, RA, etc!
2.     Copy us on the e-mail that you send out to your organization.  Once we have your list of names, we will send you an e-mail full of all of our information! Send out this email to everyone in your organization and copy us on it!
3.     Post and distribute your Tiny Tulip products to the members in your organization. Once you have sent us your list and copied us on the e-mail, we will mail you a package with the Tiny Tulip promotional items to hand out to each member of your organization!

In order to become a campus rep for this promotion, your e-mail must include:
  • List of Member Names
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Shipping Address
  • Organization Name
  • University 
Keep in mind that we will only be accepting one representative per organization at your university.  In order to be selected first you need to send all of the information requested. 

Send your emails to with the subject Campus Rep!

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