Monday, August 25, 2014

School Staples

Hey Y'all, 
With school starting last week.. That's the only thing that has been on my mind really.. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I'm excited for this year, but also quite nervous. If you have been reading either my blog, or Preppy Monogram Style, then you know that I am a avid list maker.. Ok maybe a little more than avid.. I make them a lot, ok? So.. Here's a list I have been working on this morning! Staples for School. 
back to school fashion staples


  • casual tees- v-necks, baseball, graphic, ect. 
  • easy pullover- Vineyard Vines shep shirt, football sweatshirt, ect.
  • oxford shirts- blue, white, and whatever other colors you like
  • chambray shirt
  • easy maxis that can be worn with a denim jacket
  • denim jacket
  • jeans- dark wash, light wash, boyfriend, skinny, and whatever style you like
  • fun sweaters- try J.Crew, cableknits, and Old Navy.. Great for layering
  • Big coat- I like Columbia and North face for the cold weather
  • paperbag skirts- Sarta Designs, J.Crew
  • maxi skirts
  • camp socks
  • t-shirt dress
  • vest- Tiny Tulip,J.Crew,old navy, patagonia, north face
  • gingham button down.. and other patterned blouses
  • plaid flannel button downs
  • sweat pants- check J.Crew
  • leggings- full length and mid calf
  • t-shirts from Tiny Tulip or from your favorite brands
  • cardigans in a variety of colors
  • rain jacket- north face, columbia, patagonia ect. 
back to school shoe staples


  • Sperrys
  • Riding boots
  • Jack Rogers
  • Nikes!
  • easy espadrilles or Toms
  • nude flats
  • leopard flats
  • black or leather flats
  • Ugg style boots
  • Weather appropriate boots- bean boots ect. 
  • basic sandals- J.Crew or your local shoe store
  • Wellies: I love Hunter boots


  • Rose necklace
  • Chunky pearl necklace
  • Basic pearl necklace and earrings
  • A super sparkly necklace
  • A bright colored necklace
  • Chain style bracelet 
  • Simple watch- check Target
  • Pearl bracelet
  • those special socks to wear with flats
  • simple bangles
  • Knit Scarves
  • regular scarves.. I don't know what to call them
  • simple crossbody
  • baseball caps
  • monogram/initial necklace
  • a large wallet to keep in your backpack/bag/just to carry around
  • statement headband


  • Binders
  • Five Star Notebooks
  • Pencil Bag
  • pencils- both mechanical and regular
  • notebook for additional little notes
  • agenda! I love Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade.. also Erin Condren and Day Designer
  • pens!
  • Highlighters
  • sharpies
  • post it notes
These are just a few back to school staples and essentials that I have and feel are important for most people to have as well. You can really do so much with all of the fashion staples that I mentioned.. and with all of the basic supplies for the regular school day. And for all of your monogrammed necessities and wishes.. Check out Tiny Tulip! They always have the perfect monogrammed items!

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