Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monogram Etiquette

Hey guys! 

So, the most popular question we get asked here at Tiny Tulip, is "what is the proper 
monogram etiquette?"  Well, we made a little chart to help y'all out!

So, for a married, or soon to be married couple, you would traditionally do the following:
  1.  First name initial of the bride
  2.  First letter of couple's surname ( usually the groom's last name)
  3.  First name initial of the groom
Using our chart above, if  "Crystal Tucker" and "Peter Smyth" were getting, or are married, they would have the following monogram:



Now for a female:
  1.  Her first name initial
  2.  Her last name initial ( if she is married, this will be which ever last name she uses) 
  3.  Her middle name initial

Let's say "Abigail Brooke Smith" wants a monogram. You would give her the following monogram:


(If Abigail does not have a middle name, you could give her the following monogram: AS )


Finaly, monograms for a male:
  1.  His first name initial
  2.  His middle name initial
  3.  His last name initial

Okay, so "Peter Joseph Sharpe" wants a monogram.  Now, remember a monogram is different for a male than a famale.  Following our chart, we would give Peter the following monogram:


 ( If Peter had no middle name, we would give him this monogram: PS )

We hope you all liked this little tid bit, and we hope this helped some of you who were confused, or just weren't quite sure! 

If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you all for your business and support!

- the tiny tulip team

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