Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Scarves

Hey Y'all, 
Today it is dark and rainy here in South Carolina. So I wanted to write a post about something bright and colorful and Summer-y! like... Summer Scarves! I know it is coming to the end of Summer.. And the fact that it is the first day of August makes the end of Summer seem even closer.. But i had to share!

summer scarves

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Summer Scarf...

  • The perfect Summer scarf should have bright colors on it
  • The perfect Summer scarf should have a fun print
  • The perfect Summer scarf should be a versatile scarf that you can pair with many outfits
I feel like all of the scarves above are the perfect Summer scarves. Any of these would be perfect choices.. It doesn't matter what your style is.. I'm pretty sure you can make these scarves fit any style! These colors are very bright, and they just make you feel all happy.. Or at least, they make me feel happy... I don't know about y'all... Also, when I was trying to pick out the scarves above, I made sure that they were affordable! Some scarves can cost as much as $500 or even more! That's insane.. I tried to make sure that all of these scarves are under $100. Let's look at some different ways to style these scarves:

Summer Scarves

zebra scarf

monograms with a splash of pink

Pop of Orange

Navy + Silver

orange + stripes

pineapple scarf

Navy + tassels
I hope y'all liked this post:) I enjoyed putting it together! Thanks again to Itunu for inviting me to guest post this week!! Feel free to head on over to my blog:

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