Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Advice Wednesday: How to Be a Camp Counselor

I am so excited because I get to be a counselor this week for my schools camp.  Every year the 6th graders go to a local camp and us seniors get to be the counselors!  Although it will be super fun, there are definitely some things any counselor needs to know before going to camp, and not just what to pack.  Here are a few tips I think are super important for camp!
Camp Tips

These are only four tips out of the litany I have been given for camp, but I think they are some of the most important.  The first two are definitely the ones any counselor needs to abide by.  

For many of the kids, it will be there first time away from home for a week, so it is always good to stay positive.  By keeping a positive attitude it will help keep the kids from getting homesick.  

Not judging is equally important because we need to try to get the kids to form new friendships and help them feel accepted no matter who they are.

What are your tips for camp?

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