Monday, September 8, 2014

Cathleen's Picks

Hey Y'all,

Long time, no post! I miss writing about as much as I miss Summer.. I'm pretty positive that APHG is determined to make sure that I don't make it through this school year. It's literally the hardest class I have ever taken. Ever. Ok so now that you know where I've been.... I just wanted to say that I miss writing for y'all! Today I wanted to share with y'all my top 20 favorite items from Tiny Tulip!

~ Monogrammed Minnie Mouse tee 

~ Pearl Bracelet with Acrylic Monogram

Monogrammed Rainboots

Monogrammed Seersucker Bow Bracelet

~ Monogrammed bow shoulder purse

Monogrammed Seersucker Clutch

Monogrammed Gingham Button Down

What are your favorite items from Tiny Tulip? 


1 comment:

  1. My favorite item so far is the Monogrammed Quarter Zip Pullover Sweatshirt in Pink