Monday, September 29, 2014

One Night Abroad

One Night Abroad

Today I have a bit of a different kind of post for y'all... Smartling reached out to me, and asked me to participate in their One Night Abroad project. Smartling is a company that offers a translation service. They use a cloud based translation software that automatically collects content, and translates it back to you! Smartling's mission is to make the world's content multilingual. They created a One Night Abroad project to talk to some fashion-y bloggers to see what their ideal night out would look like if they were visiting another country. The blogger then explains how they would assimilate themselves into another culture using language, food, and fashion. Keep on reading to see my thoughts on the matter.

My personal style is pretty casual compared to other style bloggers out there. If I were to visit any other country, I would probably choose France. There are so many sights to see there, and I don't know.. I just always have wanted to visit. Language would be a little difficult only because I have never taken any French class. I currently am taking Spanish and I have been taking Spanish since I was about six. I would just get some sort of online translator, and hopefully be travelling with someone who speaks some French. When it comes to food, I'm down for trying just about anything. There are a few things that I'm a little iffy on, and I would probably just need to search the ingredients in the meal before consuming it just to be on the safe side. When it comes to fashion, I love the French Street Style. If you follow me on Pinterest, you no doubt know my love for the casual street style. Literally obsessed. The outfit that I have put together above is probably pretty accurate as to what I would wear if I visited France. A bright and long flowy top, leopard pumps, a casual trench, pearls, and jeans. The weekender bag from Tiny Tulip would obviously be the bag I would choose when it comes to travelling. *Look below for the links for all of the items in the photo above*

Top: currently 50% off
Jeans: similar
Coat: currently sold out on Coach.. so here it is on Ebay
Pumps: And like they couldn't get anymore perfect.. They're calf hair!
Weekender: it's monogrammed.. Need I say more?
Earrings: ahh.. 
Necklace: Gotta love a classic pearl necklace. And under $100 too!
Bracelets: one, two, three, and four
iPhone case: because it has to match the pumps! 

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