Tuesday, April 14, 2015

With warm, summer months just around the corner, I thought I would give you guys a few of my favorite summer-time essentials form TinyTulip.com! Enjoy!! <3

      An adorable Lilly Pulitzer bandeau is the perfect swimsuit top    
to pair with my favorite navy bottoms! This bandeau is definitely a must have! 

         This super cute pink floppy hat is essential for sun protection and 
          prep! One of my favorite accessories for a summer beach day!

     These koozies are the perfect holders for my sodas and 
     water bottles on hot, sunny days! (My favorite is the puppy one!) 

These sunglass straps in the Lilly Pulitzer pattern "Jungle
 Tumble" keep my glasses on my head and add a pop of color to my outfit! 

My favorite summer time bag would probably have to be 
this chevron anchor bag in the color pink! It is deep enough to hold all 
of my things and has a small pocket inside for things like sunglasses and my phone!

These coral colored sandals with my monogram on them 
are my go-to-shoe for the summer! they are very comfy and are very
 durable! Also, it's pretty hard to find a summer out fit that won't go with these sandals!!

My favorite water cup would have to be this aqua seahorse! 
It is so cute, and holds lots of water, which is so very important during summer!

Finally, I have to include these Tiny Tulip stickers! they are so summery and preppy! You can put these stickers onto almost anything and make it look ten times cuter! (My fav is the lobster!!)

I hope you guys enjoyed my summer essentials! have a great day lovelies!!