Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Fashion 2015

Summer has come to an end. As August wraps up it's final days, we move towards one of the most exciting seasons of the year, Fall! Finally a break from all of this heat. Time to break out the jackets, boots, and let's be honest, pumpkin snacks. If you're looking to refresh your fall wardrobe, here's a quick list of the latest fall fashion trends for 2015. 

1. 1970's
This is not a drill. It's time to break out the bell bottom jeans again (incase you didn't throw them away like the rest of us...) But the biggest trend this fall is 1970's vintage fashion. If that scares you (it should... A little) here's some modern ways to stay trendy...

Flare jeans don't have to be scary! These stylish jeans enhance the natural curves of your legs (And we can finally stop talking about leg gaps ugh). And flare jeans are the best with wedge boots!

Along with flare jeans, these flowy tunics are on the front line of the 70's fashion movement. These blouses look fantastic tucked in or free flowing. They create a great hourglass illusion with your waist and you don't have to worry about arm day anymore. Free flowing fabric will keep your arms looking great whether you hit the gym or not. 

They're not your old school platform shoes, so you can relax. These shoes are called stacked heel pumps. Again, these pair perfectly with flare jeans. Because hey, who said you can't dress jeans up? And berry colors for the fall? Yes, please!

2. Faux Fur

Yes, faux fur. Another staple to our Fall 2015 fashion list. You can make any outfit ten times more glamorous by adding a fur coat to it. We love how they paired fur and lace in this picture. It's delicate and perfect for cold weather. Aka: Perfect summer to fall transition outfit.

And fur vests?! With those flowy blouses?! Can we admire this perfection for a second?

3. Girlfriend Jeans

But Kiersten! You said flare jeans are the fashion highlight this season! Well, they are! But two is better than one, right? Another big jean trend this fall is the girlfriend jean. Like the boyfriend jean, but more fitted. These jeans are distressed, comfy, and cuff at the ankle so they look fantastic with pumps. 

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm excited for this break from skinny jeans! I think wearing relaxed and flare jeans will make this fall more comfortable for all of us.

We hoped you enjoyed this post! I'm hoping you are as excited as me for fall! Because I know I'm looking forward to those cool crisp mornings! 

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